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People make the decision to drive their vehicles while intoxicated every day. While they know the dangers in doing so and the possible consequences, they may still decide to take their chances and drive while impaired. Sometimes they get lucky and avoid being involved in an accident and injuring themselves and others on the road, but then there are times where the person’s impairment leads to an accident.

In Virginia, one woman has been left dead after a car struck her vehicle. Allegedly, the driver who struck her car was racing down the street when it switched lanes and hit the decedent’s vehicle head-on. There have been reports stating that following the car striking the decedent’s vehicle, the driver fled the scene and one of the passengers took his seat. There was also another vehicle involved in the accident, but no injuries or death has been reported for the driver of that vehicle.

It is suspected that the drivers of the vehicle were driving under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. The drivers have been charged with driving while intoxicated, but it is likely that the two drivers will face further charges down the line. It is unknown at this time what those charges may be.

When people are the ones responsible for drunk driving accidents, it can be scary to learn the charges that they are facing. While they may or may not be guilty of the charges, they still have the right to defend themselves should they face their day in court. Anyone who has caused an accident and is under suspicion of being a drunk driver should contact a DUI attorney.

Source: NBC Washington, “Car in Fatal Va. Crash May Have Carried Two Drunken Drivers,”Julie Carey, Sept. 15, 2015

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