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Virginia law enforcement officers do not need an arrest warrant to arrest a person for domestic violence. In fact, if the police believe you were the primary aggressor in a physical altercation, you will likely be arrested. Virginia takes domestic violence very seriously, and the consequences of a conviction are significant, even if you have no prior criminal history. It is vital that you hire a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who will vigorously represent you.

If convicted, you could lose the right to live in your own home, to see family members, to possess firearms, and could lose your security clearance and your reputation. to the court and the community that you are not a criminal or chronic abuser.

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We advise that you should not talk to the police. It is highly unlikely you will improve your situation by doing so. Immediately call the criminal defense lawyers at The Marquis Law Group in Leesburg at 703-777-6161. Let us talk for you.

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Some domestic violence charges are fraudulent or concocted out of spite. One way to obtain an advantage in a child custody hearing is to portray a former partner as unfit. If the charges against you are false, we will make every effort to make this apparent to the court. We will seek to have the charges dismissed and have your good name restored.

If you are in a difficult situation with domestic violence charges, schedule a consultation now.


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