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Child support decisions in Virginia are based on state guidelines, with the noncustodial parent typically contributing child support to the parent with primary physical custody. Discretion is allowed for certain special circumstances, and the presence of an attorney well-versed in Virginia child support case law is a powerful advantage in presenting these circumstances.

We also represent parties on the issue of spousal support (also known as alimony).  Spousal support are regular payments of funds made by one spouse to another when there is a significant difference in income and the party claiming spousal support is deemed eligible to receive spousal support.  The right to receive spousal support is determined by an evaluation of various statutory factors set out in the Virginia Code.    

At Marquis Law Group, we represent both sides in child support and spousal support (alimony) deliberations. We seek to present your finances in the most logical and most reasonable light. Many support cases are disputed, typically with regard to what money is deemed “income” and other costs, such as child care or health care, or other factors are considered in the guideline calculation.

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Another common issue is whether or not one party is either voluntarily unemployed or underemployed; when this is the case, income can be “imputed” to that individual. Imputation cases require expert testimony, and we have a network of resources for competent and experienced professionals who elevate our positions in a clear, convincing way. Our experience allows us to fully analyze your situation and present the numbers in ways that are beneficial.

The level of representation we provide is important because child support issues, and especially spousal support, are often contentious issues. Neither side wants to give ground in these critical disputes. Having an assertive, knowledgeable lawyer in your corner is your best protection against an undesired outcome.

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In addition, we are experienced in drawing up recommendations that depart from state guidelines. This is very important when a child has special needs or a medical condition that requires expensive treatment.

We also assist with later modifications to child support and spousal support orders based on changes in income, child care costs or other personal circumstances. Furthermore, we are able to help you collect a child support arrearage if the other party has failed to pay.

To discuss the options available to you for child or spousal support, schedule a consultation now.


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