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protective order attorney near me

Protective Orders offer several kinds of relief. The primary goal is to have the other party ordered to stay away from you, and possibly your children. They can also be used to force the other person to vacate the residence, provide use of a jointly-owned vehicle or family pet, and to require the other party not to disconnect utilities.

Orders usually forbid the accused party from entering the family home and removing children to another location, calling, emailing and mailing letters, and the surrender all firearms during the pendency of the protective order.

Our firm also represents the accused when petitions unfairly accuse them of threatening another. We know relationships are complicated and that matters can be twisted in the heat of an argument. Our attorneys make certain that we provide the most zealous representation possible, so that you are protected from false allegations of abuse.

protective order attorney

You can get orders of protection yourself, but you are better served having an experienced domestic violence attorney accompany you to court. We have tremendous experience and practice in the specific evidence the court is going to consider in making its decision, and these facts are often overlooked by individuals who are not represented by counsel.

Protective Orders are usually vigorously litigated because of the significant consequences they carry. These cases rarely settle through negotiation and almost always go to trial. Our attorneys are highly experienced litigators who are comfortable in a trial setting, no matter which side we are representing.

If you need to obtain or defend a Protective Order, schedule a consultation now.


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