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Proper estate planning is for everyone, not just the super-wealthy. Whether you have millions in the bank and multiple vacation homes, or a more modest nest egg, drafting a will can give you peace of mind, help your loved ones avoid disputes in the future, and carry out your desires and wishes.

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At The Marquis Law Group, our lawyers have extensive experience guiding clients through complex legal matters at every stage of their lives. We provide help to clients in Leesburg and communities throughout Virginia with three of the most common estate planning tools:


A will is a document drafted by a testator to convey their wishes about the transfer of property and the use of financial assets after their death by the executor. Someone who dies with a will dies “testate.” The will ultimately gets probated in the jurisdiction where the person has died. An executor then must administer the person’s estate. Someone who dies without a will dies “intestate.” His or her wishes are not specifically known. It generally falls to someone’s family member to administer whatever assets or liabilities were left behind.

Durable General Power of Attorney:

This is a document that allows the drafter’s designee to step into the shoes of the drafter during the person’s lifetime should that person become incapacitated. A power of attorney (POA) alleviates the need for expensive guardianship or conservatorship proceeding that would be necessary if a POA had not been executed.

Advance Medical Directive:

This is also known as a living will. It is a document where the drafter states his or her wishes about medical treatment to whoever is given the decision-making power and medical providers in case of incapacity. This directive is specific to medical treatment, life-prolonging procedures, and also organ donation.

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To discuss your desires or have us review your estate planning legal needs, schedule a consultation now.


Marquis Law Group combines our deep knowledge of the law with a passion for helping our neighbors.

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