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There are crimes being committed every day around the United States. Some people are lucky enough to get away and never have to deal with the consequences of their actions, but there are others who are caught and ultimately face their day in court. When this happens, courts will likely review what crime they have committed to allow them to determine if it is a felony and what punishment is fitting for the crime.

The following crimes are considered felonies:

  • Burglary.
  • Arson.
  • Prostitution.
  • Robbery.
  • Forgery.

When committing a felony, if a person is caught there is no telling how harsh their punishment may be. In Virginia, a person can receive as little as one year in jail or even up to life in prison. Even though they may not feel that this is a fair consequence for the crime, they may have to live with what the courts decide. The only way they may be able to avoid certain punishment for their crime is to get help with their case. Oftentimes, an attorney is the help that people choose to get for their case.

If you have been charged with committing a crime that is considered a felony, you may want to contact a criminal defense attorney. These types of crimes are taken seriously in court, which means there is a chance that you will be sentenced to a harsh punishment.

However, depending on the circumstances, an attorney may be able to help your sentence be reduced or get the charges dropped completely. If you do not believe that you should receive a harsh punishment for the crime you were being accused of, hiring an attorney may benefit you.

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