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There are a number of crimes that people can commit and, depending on what they are, these crimes will fall into different classifications. It is never wise to commit any crime, but when people do make the decision to disobey the law, they may want to consider the penalties that go along with the type of crime they commit. Those who are charged with a misdemeanor can expect that their punishment will be fitting of the type of misdemeanor they are found guilty of committing.

When people commit crimes, if they are caught, they will have to face the consequences of their actions. For example, when people commit a misdemeanor, they may have to pay a fine and spend some time in jail. How much the fine is depends on whether the misdemeanor was a high, ordinary or petty misdemeanor. Since each one can carry a different sentence, people should not expect to receive the same amount of jail time for a gross misdemeanor as they would for a petty misdemeanor.

With any crime, people are innocent until proven guilty. This means that until they have their day in court, they should be seen as innocent. The potential amount of the fine or length of the jail sentence is generally contingent upon the facts of the case and the classification of the misdemeanor the suspect is alleged to have committed. Since a petty misdemeanor can carry a sentence of less than six months and a fine of $500 or less, an ordinary or gross misdemeanor could have a more harsh sentence.

Anyone who has been charged with a misdemeanor may have reason to speak to an attorney. When you have been accused of a crime, it isn’t always easy to stand alone and face your day in court. You want the best chance of winning your case or getting your sentence reduced and an attorney can help with that.

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