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There are few things more emotionally charged than divorce–especially when children are involved. Parents want what’s best for their kids. But anger and stress mean that emotions run high–and children can get caught in the crossfire. You want to make sure your rights as a parent are protected while shielding your children from the ugly side of the process. The good news is that you can take steps to make divorce easier for both adults and children. Choosing the right lawyer is at the top of the list. Protecting the best interests of children is a cornerstone of family law. A skilled attorney knows how to fight for your rights while working to ease the process for your kids.

Tips for Making Divorce Easier on Kids

Experts have come up with a range of ways divorcing parents can make the process easier for their kids:

  • Make sure children understand that divorce is not their fault.
  • Be honest with your children, but don’t feel obligated to share everything.
  • Save the emotional or contentious discussions with your spouse for when your children are not around.
  • Avoid negative talk about your spouse in front of your children.
  • Consider therapy with a child specialist to help them navigate the process.
  • Get therapy for yourself to help you avoid burdening your children with your emotional issues.
  • Work to provide stability and keep routines as consistent as possible.
  • When you communicate with your spouse, keep your children’s well-being in mind.
  • Hire a highly qualified attorney with a specialty in family law to facilitate the divorce process and help protect your kids.

How Can The Right Lawyer Help Make Divorce Easier on My Kids?

Choosing the right family law attorney can help make the divorce process easier on everyone–including minor children. A skilled lawyer can:

  • Reduce conflict and facilitate communication between spouses.
  • Educate you about custody law and best practices and advise you on the best solutions for your children.
  • Help you set and manage expectations as you navigate the process.
  • Answer questions and alleviate worry.
  • Take the emotion out of the equation by dealing with your spouse professionally.
  • Examine custody options and develop a fair solution that works best for your children.
  • Help you obtain the best outcome if you have circumstances like a job loss that may be a disadvantage in court.
  • Ensure adequate child support.
  • Ensure that visitation arrangements are appropriately structured and followed.

How Can My Attorney Help With Safety Issues in a Divorce?

In many divorce cases, both spouses want to resolve the situation civilly. But in others, one spouse may worry that their safety or their children’s safety is at risk. Your family law attorney can help make sure that all transactions are completed in a manner that protects your safety–from serving papers to navigating custody and visitation. If your spouse has a history of abuse– or if they have a current partner who is an abuser–your lawyer can help you file for a restraining order if needed. Your attorney can also effectively present relevant safety-related information to the court.

The Laurel Brigade Law Group: Your Partner in Navigating Divorce

When choosing a family law firm, you want a team that will operate with compassion and skill. Your lawyer should aggressively fight for your rights while maintaining civility and putting your children first. At the Laurel Brigade Law Group, our family law attorneys have been recognized and awarded for their excellence in this practice area. We begin every divorce with the mindset that it is not a battle but rather a negotiation. Our goal is to resolve even painful matters as amicably as possible and make sure that the interests of children remain front and center.





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