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Driving without a valid license is unlawful and prohibited, making it risky for everyone. If you’re involved in an accident under these circumstances, knowing how your insurance coverage will be affected is essential. Whether you have a valid license at the time of the accident or not, it’s crucial to understand the financial and legal implications afterward.

will my insurance cover me if my license is suspended

Suspended Licenses in Virginia

If you or someone you know loses their license in Virginia, it’s usually temporary. These suspensions are called definite license suspensions. Virginia law, under Code 46.2-301, outlines reasons for definite suspensions, such as:

  • Not having car insurance
  • Driving after consuming drugs or alcohol
  • Getting multiple tickets quickly
  • Endangering a young driver

In comparison, Virginia also issues indefinite suspension orders, which necessitate drivers to fulfill certain requirements to regain their licenses. Unlike other orders, indefinite suspension orders do not have a set deadline. You may receive an indefinite suspension order if you refuse to:

  • Don’t pay traffic tickets
  • Fail to pay a Driver
  • Responsibility Assessment
  • Don’t file an accident report
  • Don’t pay child support
  • Don’t pay state taxes
  • Don’t buy car insurance

Driving while suspended can incur additional penalties, including misdemeanor or felony charges. To restore your license, work with your local DMV on reinstatement procedures.

Fault and Insurance in Virginia

Accidents in Virginia are determined by who is at fault. Law enforcement decides this based on the damages and details of the accident. Insurance companies then assign responsibility and provide support to drivers accordingly.

Others might offer reduced coverage. You could face substantial costs in an accident without a valid license. Even other drivers involved may not receive full coverage if an unlicensed driver causes the accident.

Accidents with Unlicensed Drivers

The situation can vary when an accident involves a driver without a license. Even though the unlicensed driver may face legal consequences, it doesn’t change how their insurance company handles the financial losses from the accident. Instead, what matters most is the specifics of the collision and how it affects the person’s finances afterward.

Dealing with Accidents Involving Unlicensed Drivers

When an unlicensed driver hits you, they often need more insurance. Whether they have insurance or not affects what financial help you might get after the accident.

Virginia says the driver who caused the accident is expected to help the injured person recover. However, drivers with a suspended license may have less or no insurance, meaning they might have to pay for someone else’s accident costs.

If you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance and no license, you can discuss with a lawyer to understand your options. Sometimes, suing them in court can get you the money you need to get better. Having good insurance for yourself is the best way to make sure you and your things are safe.

Legal Consequences for Unlicensed Drivers in Accidents

If you don’t have a driver’s license and are in an accident, what happens next depends on whether you have insurance. If your insurance has not been canceled, they might help pay for what happened. But you’ll have to pay for everything if you don’t have insurance. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, not having a license can get you in trouble with the police. If this happens, it’s smart to speak with a car accident lawyer in Virginia.

Hitting Someone Without a License

If you don’t have a driver’s license and you hit someone, the police might charge you for breaking the law. But just because you don’t have a license doesn’t mean you’re to blame for what happened.

The police and insurance companies will examine what happened before the accident. For example, if the other driver didn’t stop when they were supposed to, they might be to blame for what happened to you.
If you didn’t cause the accident, the other person’s insurance should pay for what happened to you. But if you did, talk to your insurance company. If they removed your insurance and license, you might have to pay for the accident.

Seeking Compensation After an Unlicensed Car Accident

The situation depends on whether you can get financial help after an unlicensed car accident. You can file for compensation if you show you didn’t cause the accident or your part was less than others.

However, there are drawbacks to filing a claim after this type of accident. The person you’re suing may not have enough money to repay your loss. This could make your case less successful.

Discussing Your Recent Car Accident

Talk about your recent car accident today, especially if it involved a driver with a suspended license. The legal parts of car accidents can be complex. Whether you’re the driver without a permit or not, discussing your post-accident coverage with your insurance provider is essential. Protect yourself from financial losses as soon as possible.


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